Insurgency No Excuse for Abandoning Rule of Law

The Russian government must follow the principles of rule of law even when combating serious crimes, seven human rights organisations, including the Swedish Helsinki Committee, says in a joint statement. The organisations urge the authorities to take effective measures to prevent human rights violations after the recent unrest in the Caucasus.

In June, the Interior Minister in the Russian Republic of Dagestan and the Deputy Head of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Ingushetia were murdered. The president of Ingushetia was exposed to assassination attempt last month. In connection with the disturbances several policemen and security personnel have been killed and wounded.

According to several reports, the authorities have routinely used illegal methods when arresting suspects. We demand that authorities to restore the rule of law in the Northern Caucasus. The people of Northern Caucasus deserve to live in a stable society where human rights are respected.

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