Human Rights Defenders under Attack in Moldova

In the aftermath of the violence that followed the elections in Moldova on the 5th of April, the Moldovan authorities have harassed and arrested a great number of journalists from Moldovan as well as foreign media. The journalists are often and with little substance accused of having instigated and participated in the violence. In several cases the Police have confiscated cell phones and computers in search for evidence.

Our Moldovan partner organizations are working around the clock in order to monitor the arrests and to offer legal aid to the journalists in question, says Miroslav Durdevic, lawyer at the Swedish Helsinki Committee.

Among others, Independent Journalism Centre and Lawyers for Human Rights are reporting on a deteriorating media climate and difficulties in receiving independent information. The Swedish Helsinki Committee continues to monitor the developments in the country and supports journalists exercising their professional duties when trying to disseminate information.

When human rights defenders, like these journalists trying to spread information, are under attack so openly and to such an extent, it tells a lot about the state of affairs in the country, Miroslav Durdevic concludes.

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