Honouring a Great Human Rights Advocate: Mr. Srdjan Dizdarevic , 29th September 1952 to 16th February 2016

Civil Rights Defenders mourns the loss of prominent human rights advocate Srdjan Dizdarevic who died on February 16th in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Viewed as one of the leading human rights defenders in the country Civil Rights Defenders was honoured to have collaborated with him on numerous groundbreaking projects. These included successfully lobbying for the introduction of new laws against discrimination and for his work in dealing with a wide variety of human rights violations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born on 29 September 1952 in Sarajevo, Srdjan Dizarevic led an extremely active work life. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the International Helsinki Federation, and a member of the Alternative Council of Ministers as Minister of Foreign Affairs to name but a few of his achievements.

After the outbreak of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, Srdjan Dizdarevic immediately returned to Sarajevo from his diplomatic post in Paris to provide support.

His contributions to the human rights scene in the country are numerous and renowned. As President of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of Civil Rights Defenders he established the first non-profit free legal aid clinic. He held the position until 2014

Photo by Roska Vrgova: Srdjan Dizdarevic holds a sign which translate to

Photo by Roska Vrgova: Srdjan Dizdarevic holds a sign which translates to ” I want a Bosnia and Herzegovina without discrimination”

The committee was heavily involved in monitoring the human rights situation in closed institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as being instrumental in the drafting and proposing of new laws and amendments crucial for a new struggling democracy fresh from the scars of war. Under Srdjan Dizdarevic’s tenure the committee became a crucial organ in preventing detrimental legislation from being passed acting as a watchdog against strong ethno nationalist voices who were in danger of shattering an already fragile status quo.

Srdjan Dizdarevic will be remembered by Civil Rights Defenders as a partner, friend and person who made huge contributions as he attempted to mend a fractured society  May he rest in peace.


For information on the current human rights situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina under a variety of headings please click here on Country Report – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Civil Rights Defenders endeavours to keep these reports as up to date as possible.

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