Helping parents claim their children’s rights

Together with Veliki Mali, Civil Rights Defenders empower parents to take an active role in defending their children’s rights, and to improve the legislative framework for the protection of rights of children with disabilities.

Within the frame of our collaboration we provide free legal aid and professional support to families of children with disabilities. We publish an updated version of the Guide to rights of children with disabilities and a comprehensive report on rights of children with disabilities in Serbia. Veliki Mali perform advocacy actions towards the Constitutional Court and other relevant institutions to change Article 19 of the Law on preventing discrimination against persons with disabilities.

Civil Rights Defenders has cooperated with Veliki Mali since 2000 and supported a number of different activities all targeting the rights of children with disabilities, and their families. We have jointly campaigned for the adoption of a Law against discrimination, brought changes in the legislation on education, and developed a more critical attitude towards disability issues in the media.

Through the years we have also assisted Veliki Mali with capacity building and expert advice in different stages of the development of their organisation and its activities. With our support, Veliki Mali started to work on advocacy and lobbying at a national level, stepping outside of the municipality of Pancevo where they first started the organisation.

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