Government withdrew Anti-discrimination bill from Parliament

Civil Rights Defenders is deeply concerned over the latest developments connected to the proposed anti-discrimination law in Moldova. On the 21st of March we sent an open letter to Moldovan MP’s calling for a swift adoption of the Anti-discrimination bill, which was approved by the Moldovan Government in February. The Moldovan government has now withdrawn the bill from the parliament with the argument that the issue of discrimination is sensitive and that the proposed law consequently needs to be examined further.

The debate in Moldova in regard to the proposed anti-discrimination bill has almost exclusively focused on the protection of sexual minorities. The fact that the law would ban discrimination on many grounds and thereby guarantee equal rights of all Moldovan citizens has not been the subject of public discussions. Derogatory statements addressed at LGBT-persons have been used by public figures in Moldova. Comments like “We are civilized people, aren’t we? Homosexuality is unnatural even for animals.” made by the leader of the Communist Party Vladimir Voronin has frequently appeared in the public debate.

– We deeply regret the Moldovan government’s decision to withdraw the bill from the parliament, says Marie Månson, Programme Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia. We urge politicians and media to immediately refrain from using homophobic statements, which risk increasing the intolerance and hatred in the society.  The way the bill is handled by the politicians is a sign that responsible authorities obviously do not take their international obligations under international law seriously.

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