Gay Pride a test for Pro-European Coalition

From April 29th until May 2nd Gay Pride is arranged in Moldova. The event will be an important test for the new coalition government Alliance for European Integration.

Our partner GenderDoc-M, who is the main organizer of Pride, had planned a peaceful demonstration in support of the adoption of a Law against discrimination. The demonstration was to take place in a park in front of the Parliament building on Sunday May 2nd. But the court in Chisinau decided not to grant them permission, by request of the City Hall. Instead GenderDoc-M was offered to hold the demonstration in a park further away from the city centre.

Anastasia Danilova, Executive Director of GenderDoc-M, considers the decision of the authorities to be discriminating:

“The principal arguments to ban the peaceful manifestation announced by the City Hall comprised of a number of petitions submitted by several religious groups, an association of Afghani war veterans, and other individuals, and also of the close proximity to the central cathedral. Hence, it might deeply offend feelings of the believers. We believe such arguments to be discriminatory and in contradiction to the Law on Assemblies.”

GenderDoc-M has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court of Justice. The offer to move the manifestation to another location is dismissed for principal reasons.

“We refuse to hold the peaceful manifestation at the territory of the Green Theatre on principle, because we believe this is another attempt to drive us into a new reservation”, says Danilova.

Moldova is presently in a politically sensitive situation. There is a considerable risk that new elections need to be organised since the coalition has failed twice with getting their Presidential Candidate elected by the parliament. In such a situation few politicians are willing to openly support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) people, as that would not be positively received by the majority of voters.

The public support and understanding in regard to the rights of LGBT persons is very low in Moldova. But at the same time the coalition government has clearly stated its intentions to conduct necessary reforms to adjust the Moldovan legislation to European standards. One important step in this regard is to adopt a Law against discrimination. Another is to guarantee all its citizens basic human rights such as the right to Freedom of Association and Assembly.

Civil Rights Defenders cooperates with GenderDoc-M and has been supporting Pride in Moldova for several years.

Miroslav Durdevic, our Programme Officer for Moldova, is currently in Chisinau to participate in the event. He can be reached for comments on +46 709 89 60 12.

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