Forming a new generation human rights defenders

Civil Rights Defender’s collaboration with Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia aims to improve the extent to which human rights are respected and known about in Serbia. The short term objectives are to strengthen the mechanisms for protecting human rights and to inform the public about the implementation of transitional laws.

The major issue with these laws is that they continue to have only a declarative and formal existence: their practical, everyday implementation is still pending. Governmental institutions continue to neglect their obligation to battle hate speech and Serbia lacks human rights experts and lawyers in this area.

Therefore, one of our priorities is to engage young lawyers and experts from the field of social studies in researching, documenting, and analyzing the implementation of fair trial standards in Serbia. Thereby we hope to  form a new generation of human rights defenders.

We also continue to support and strengthen non-judicial mechanisms that contribute to the improvement of minority rights and fight against discrimination and hate crimes, such as for instance the Commissioner for Equality and the Council of National Minorities.

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