Fighting impunity with Humanitarian Law Centre

Minorities in Serbia have suffered grave human rights violations in the past. We are fighting impunity and trying to restore the dignity of victims by strengthening the reconciliation process.

Together with Humanitarian Law Centre, HLC, we identify victims of human rights violations and secure relevant evidence. We are also providing legal support and representing the victims of war crimes and serious human rights violations in civil proceedings for reparation. The cases concern families of the victims of massacres in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992 and Kosovo in 1999.

In order to increase public awareness of human rights we conduct different outreach activities. We have also compiled a manual of texts and materials on transitional justice relevant for grass-roots civil society organisations working with transitional justice and reparation for victims of human rights violations.

Humanitarian Law Centre documents violations of humanitarian law committed during the armed conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, and provides legal aid and protection to victims of past human rights abuses before national courts and international bodies. In cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders and the European Commission, Humanitarian Law Centre will promote justice, human and minority rights through reparation for victims of war crimes and serious human rights violations in the past.

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