Distributing independent news with European Radio for Belarus

Civil Rights Defenders cooperates with European Radio for Belarus to support access to information for the Belarusian people. The mission of the station is to provide Belarusians with independent, trustworthy and up-to-date information about events in Belarus and in the world, and to promote European democratic values.

Our cooperation also aims at assisting the development of a new generation of journalists, who will be able to work professionally in Belarus in the future during a transition to democracy and free markets.

European Radio for Belarus is broadcasting from abroad, covering the whole territory of Belarus through FM, AM, Internet and satellite broadcasting. The content is a mix of international and national news and music and entertainment.  The target group is the whole population with emphasis on young people.  What makes this station different from other external broadcasters is that it’s made by Belarusians for Belarusians in Belarusian language.


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Tags: Access to information, European Radio for Belarus, and Freedom of expression.
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