Dawit Isaak ten years in prison

On September 23 it was ten years since the Swedish-Erithrean journalist Dawit Isaak was arrested in Erithrea. Today we don’t even know if he is alive.

In order to mark the Anniversary, Percy Bratt, Chairman of Civil Rights Defenders, and several other well known Swedish writers, journalists and politicians held a manifestation outside the Erithrean Embassy in Stockholm on September 20.

– We have to intensify the diplomatic efforts, time is running out and there are reasons to be worried over his health conditions, said Percy Bratt.

The fate of Dawit Isaak was not an isolated incident. Hundreds of persons got arrested in the same wave of repressive measuresrepression from the regime ten years ago. Many died or disappeared. It was a tragic watershed in the history of independent Eritrea. It soon became clear that the regime in Asmara had chosen the path with no alternative voices.

Erithrea had previously been cherished by the world for its struggle for independence and democracy. But instead of trying to heal the wounds of war by extending a hand to the people the regime made the wounds deeper.

Today Eritrea is an isolated country with more enemies than friends. People are afraid for a reason. Eritrea has no freedom of the press and Civil and political rights are non-existent.

Footnote: Percy Bratt has recently together with several other lawyers filed a request of Habeas Corpus to the Eritrean authorities. This means that Dawit Isaak has the right to know why he is deprived of his freedom and that a court should try the charges. The authorities have not yet responded to the request.

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