Creation and development of Centre for Investigative Journalism (KCIJ)

This project will support the full creation and development of the recently established “Centre for Investigative Journalism” (KCIJ). The aim is to develop the field of investigative journalism in Kosovo that today is very limited. KCIJ has been functioning within ÇOHU! and has already published a few supplements in Koha Ditore. KJIC will now develop further in order to boost investigative journalism in Kosovo. This will be done through developing an online magazine and continuing with a monthly supplement within one or more Kosovo newspapers. Journalists, working within the Kosovo media, will be supported and trained on investigative journalism.

The Organization for Democracy, Anticorruption and Dignity – ÇOHU! was established in September 2005 with the mission to fight political corruption, through pointing on public structures considered to be responsible for mismanagement and abuse. COHU! encourages public debates to increase transparency and accountability in Kosovo. Civil Rights Defenders has and will continue to actively support the work of COHU both in terms of capacity with lobby and advocacy work and in terms of organizational development.

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