Combating impunity for human rights abuses in Chechnya

The situation in Chechnya has been characterised by grave human rights abuses, including forced disappearances, extra judicial killings and torture. Even if the security situation has improved during the latest period of time, the Russian forces that have committed these violations are seldom or never held accountable for their acts.

Our cooperation with Russian Justice Initiative is focused on combating impunity for human rights abuses committed in Chechnya and to promote respect for rights enshrined in the Russian Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Together with RJI we document cases of human rights abuses, submit complaints about abuse of Russian authorities, monitor investigations and seek legal redress and reparations for victims of grave human rights violations in Chechnya. We launch legal proceedings before Russian institutions and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and provide direct legal consultations for victims and their relatives on ways of defending their rights.

We also maintain and expand an on-line searchable database of ECHR decisions translated into Russian, distribute hard-copy translations of important ECHR judgments and analyses to legal professionals and develop and print a new guide “After the judgment – what happens next?”, which answers the clients’ most common questions in the “post-judgment stage”.

The Netherlands and Moscow based organisation Stichting Russian Justice Initiative started cooperating with the Ingushetia-based Legal Initiative Regarding Chechnya in late 2001 on the Chechnya Justice Project. The main aim was to combat impunity by offering legal aid to victims of human rights abuses and their relatives, including litigation through the Russian justice system and the European Court of Human Rights.

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