Civil Rights Defenders urges the government of Transnistria to protect human rights

In a letter addressed to the de facto President of Transnistria, Mr. Evgeniy Shevchuk, Civil Rights Defenders calls on the authorities to take immediate action in regards to the harassment of human rights defenders in the region. Mr. Nikolai Buchatski, editor of a human rights newspaper in
the region, and Ms. Luiza Doroshenko from the NGO, Media Centre in Tiraspol, have been subjected to an ongoing campaign of physical and psychological intimidation.

We strongly urge the government of Transistria to:

  1. Guarantee acceptable conditions for human rights activists’, NGOs’ and journalists peaceful and lawful activities, free of oppression and any restrictions.
  2. To take all necessary measures for an independent, thorough and unbiased investigation of the defamation campaign against and threats towards N. Buchatski and L. Doroshenko.
  3. To resume the investigation on N. Buchatski’s complaint and to hold the responsible parties liable.
  4. To take all necessary measures to protect N. Buchatski and L. Doroshenko from physical threats and moral defamation.
  5. To ensure the observance of fundamental human rights and liberties for all people in the region.

For full transcript of the letter, please click on the link below

Civil Rights Defenders- Letter English

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