Capacity Building in Moldova: Advocating, Lobbying and Navigating the EU Bubble

On the 27th of August Civil Rights Defenders ran a two-day empowerment workshop focusing on “Lobbying and Advocacy for Human Rights at EU Level”. As Moldova moves closer to full EU significant human rights issues still persist; lack of fair trials, inadequate conditions in prisons, hate speech, violence against women, people trafficking, the marginalisation of the Roma community and harassment of LGBT people.

In the breakaway territory of Transnistria, human rights abuses are grave. Torture, arbitrary arrests and unlawful detentions are widespread. Freedom of expression and association is tightly controlled and independent voices against the regime are suppressed.

The aim of the workshop is to train civil society organisations in Moldova in navigating through the myriad of institutions and procedures in what is often described as the “EU bubble” to successfully lobby and advocate. The training focuses on using appropriate advocacy and lobbying tools suitable for NGO’s in a Moldovan context while also putting these tools into practice in a real life setting.

The training will follow up with a field visit to Brussels where the participants will have an opportunity to turn into practice what they learned at the workshop. The human rights defenders who attended the workshop came from a wide representation of civil society organisations in Moldova focusing on LGBT rights, freedom of speech and association, abuse of people in locked institutions and minority rights.

Capacity Building Training at Ciivl Rights Defenders office in Chisinau, Moldova

Capacity Building Training at Ciivl Rights Defenders office in Chisinau, Moldova

“As civil society strengthens in Moldova and the possibility of future EU membership becoming a closer reality, it is essential that human rights organisations are given the tools as watchdogs to lobby and advocate in the EU. Violations of human rights continue to be a major concern in Moldova from hate crimes against LGBT people to abuses of freedom of speech and association in the break away state of Transnistria. It becomes all the more necessary that civil society is therefore equipped with the knowledge and skills to lobby for change in Brussels”, says Alesia Vidruk, Programme Officer for Moldova at Civil Rights Defenders.

For further information about human rights in Moldova please click here to access the Country Report

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