Belarusian journalist found dead

On September the 3rd the Belarusian Aleh Byabenin was found dead in his country house. The first investigation considers suicide even though Aleh’s family, friends and colleagues suggest that there was nothing in his behavior or in his life that points towards a suicide.

Joanna Kuroz, Programme Director Eastern Europe and Central Asia, at Civil Rights Defenders comments the death:

We encourage the Belarusian authorities to make a thorough investigation into the death of Aleh Byabenin. This is especially important since the presidential elections are coming up and the authorities for some time have been harassing media organisations, among other the web publication Charta 97 where Byabenin was working.

Journalists in Belarus are exposed to severe threats and dangers. Other cases of disappearances during this regime have still not been investigated after ten years. In year 2000 Dzmitry Zavadski disappeared on the way to Minsk airport, and Veranika Charkasava was killed in her flat in Minsk in 2004. After commenting the death of Byabenin another journalist, Sviatlana Kalinka, received severe threats.

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