Attack against human rights defender in Nizhny Novgorod

On the night between 3 and 4 November, Stanislav Dimitrievski’s family was exposed to an attack in their home. Masked and heavily armed men crushed the windows, encased with lead, with a special hammer. They also squirted glue into the lock on the apartment door to prevent the family from escaping.

Stanislav Dimitrievski, leader of the organisation Russian Chechen Friendship Society, is currently in Stockholm attending Civil Rights Defenders’ Annual Conference on the North Caucasus. In the apartment were his wife and 12-year-old daughter.

This is not the first time Stanislav Dimitrievski, or his organisation, is subjected to threats and attacks. The office of the Russian Chechen Friendship Society in Nizhny Novgorod has been attacked six times since March 2012. Last time was on 31 October, when heavily armed men smashed windows and doors and sprayed the facade with orange colour, which is a sign that the authorities compare the political protests against Putin’s leadership with the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in 2004-2005.

Stanislav Dimitrievski is unsure if the reason for the attack is the organisation’s human rights work, or his own involvement in the political protests against Putin, since December-January. A few weeks ago the organisation Committee against Torture, and its leader Igor Kalyapin, were subjected to a similar attack.

The Russian-Chechen Friendship Society was banned in 2007, on the grounds that it was an extremist organisation, and is officially registered in Finland since.

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