Agreement between Moldova and the EU: A catalyst for Human Rights

June 27 represents a significant date for the Republic of Moldova on its path towards further integration with the European Union. The government will sign an Association Agreement focusing not only on deepening trade and economic relations but also important provisions for the country to improve in areas such as human rights and rule of law.

It is crucial for the EU to push the government to improve legislation and policies that increase transparency and accountability, as well as protect the rights of all citizens in Moldova.

The Association Agreement will act a catalyst for action on important human rights issues, if the Moldovan government and EU give equal weight and consideration to both the economic as well as the sociopolitical aspects of integration says Bobbie Traut Programme Manager with Civil Rights Defenders in Moldova.

Civil Rights Defenders welcomes the government’s efforts to implement the EU’s recommendations with regards to human rights, though there is still a considerable amount work to be done eliminating discrimination, ensuring equality, and combating corruption.

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