One Golden Egg and two Silver to Prime and Civil Rights Defenders

Civil Rights Defenders and Prime PR won a Golden Egg and two Silver Eggs in the categories Digital, Alternative Media and PR for the campaign “Civil Rights Captcha”.

The jury’s motivation for Civil Rights Defender’s Golden Egg in the category Digital reads:

“This year’s Golden Egg winner aroused strong emotions of the jury – all jurors would so much like to stand behind this brilliance. The campaign focused on one of the biggest problems in the digital world – viciousness and hatred – and made the sender’s message impossible to ignore. This year’s winner managed to fight both trolls and bots by asking a simple question: Are you human?”

The Golden Egg is awarded by the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies since 1960. The purpose of the Golden Egg Award is to highlight Sweden’s most creative and best communication solutions and bring Swedish communications forward.

Since its launch in October 2012, Civil Rights Defender’s Captcha has become world news with more than 400 published articles and tens of thousands tweets. Civil Rights Defender’s Captcha has so far reached over 700 million people across the globe.

A CAPTCHA is a test to tell whether a user is human or a computer. They mostly come in the form of distorted letters at the end of comments on news sites, blogs or in registration forms. Civil Rights Defender’s Captcha is unique in its approach at separating humans from bots, namely by using human emotion. This enables a simpler and more effective way of keeping sites spam free as well as taking a stand for human rights.

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