Stronger protection for people with disabilities

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on Russia to reform its guardianship laws and to ensure human rights for people with disabilities.

The call is to a considerable extent the result of a shadow report that was presented in October by Civil Rights Defenders’ partner, Mental Disability Advocacy Center, and is a great success for the cooperation between the two organisations that was initiated in 2009.

The cooperation aims at improving the human rights situation for people with intellectual disabilities in Russia. Those persons are often marginalized and heavily stigmatized in the Russian Society. People under forced guardianship are deprived of all their rights and have, according to the current legislation, no possibility to have their case tried in court.

Through lobbying and advocacy, and through strategic litigation in Russian courts and the European Court for Human Rights, Civil Rights Defenders and Mental Disability Advocacy Center try to encourage Russian authorities to reform legislation related to guardianship.

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