Shadow reports on the use of torture

On 8 November, Russia’s leading non-governmental organisations (NGOs) present their alternative report, as part of the United Nations Committee Against Torture’s (CAT) official hearings on Russian Federation’s compliance with the UN Convention against Torture. In another report, the Russian LGBT organizations Coming Out and Russian LGBT Network, specifically pointed out several problems related to torture and ill treatment of LGBT people.

The Alternative report was prepared by a coalition of human rights organisations, including several of Civil Rights Defenders’ partners in the country, and shows an absence of adequate criminalisation of torture, which excludes the possibility of collecting the correct statistical data.

Impunity for torture-related practices in the military remains a systemic problem. Russian human rights NGOs continue to record well-founded cases of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment in the armed forces.

There is no practical provision in the Russian legal system, especially in the military context, for the victim of an act of torture and other forms of ill treatment to obtain redress and to have a practically enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation.

In another report, the Russian LGBT organizations Coming Out and Russian LGBT Network, addressed the problems of torture and ill treatment of specifically LGBT people. The main problems are the absence of legislation, inadequate handling of crimes and hate speech, illegal forced medical procedures required from transsexual people in order to change their documents, as well as forced attempts to “cure” homosexuality.

Read the reports:

Alternative report on torture

Alternative report regarding LGBT

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