Russian Federation ignores children who identify as LGBT

In late March, Civil Rights Defender’s partners Coming Out and the Russian LGBT Network submitted their alternative reports to the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child, offering their commentary on the most recent state report on implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In the official report, the Russian Federation completely ignores the existence of people under 18 who identify as homosexual, bisexual, and transgender. Our partners attempted to fill in this gap.

The two reports complement each other and show that discrimination of children on grounds of their own or their parent’s sexual orientation and gender identity remains problematic in Russia.

The report submitted by the Russian LGBT Network highlight the general situation from several regions of Russia. It includes references to specific cases of bullying, cruel treatment and accusations of ‘homosexual propaganda’ by school administrations that adolescents from several regions of Russia faced, as well as attempts of coercive ‘treatment’ of homosexual and transsexual adolescents by their parents or legal guardians.

The report submitted by Coming Out focus extensively on the situation in St Petersburg, and highlights two main issues: violation of homosexual, bisexual and transgender adolescents/young people in correspondence to the St Petersburg law banning so-called “propaganda of homosexuality” and the lack of legal recognition of LGBT families with children, which leads to every day discrimination of these families.

Read the report by Coming Out: LGBT Organization Coming Out Alternative Report

Russian LGBT Network Alternative Report

Russian LGBT Network Alternative Report

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