Queer culture grows every year

On September 15, the Third International Queer Culture Festival opened in St. Petersburg. The ceremony attracted many visitors, despite protests from religious youth groups that blocked the entrance, threw eggs and sprayed pepper spray in the room.

– Despite the incidents, the atmosphere was very positive and more people wanted to enter the premises than there was room for. The festival organisers were very dedicated and professional, says Ninke Liebert, Programme Officer at Civil Rights Defenders, attending the opening of the Queer Culture Festival.

The representatives from the Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch and British Consular Offices took part in the opening ceremony. During its three years, the festival has developed and become more popular among other human rights organisations. It is more established and respected today but still subjected to threats and sabotage. Civil Rights Defenders has been cooperating with Coming Out, organising the festival, since the start in 2009.

At this years festival the visitors were among other things, invited to meet the Swedish author and LGBT activist Håkan Lindquist, who visited Russia for the first time. According to tradition, a rock concert was held during the latter part of the festival, this year under the slogan “Stop Homophobia!”

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