One hundred convictions for human rights crimes in Chechnya

Russia has been convicted for the hundredth time for human rights crimes committed in Chechnya. Four of five cases, decided on April 23, have been run by the Swedish Helsinki Committee in collaboration with Russian Justice Initiative or Memorial and concern disappearances or murder.

On April 23 the European court for human rights announced verdicts in five cases regarding crimes against human rights in Chechnya. The court unanimously convicted Russia for the disappearance of thirteen men in different places in Chechnya between November 2001 and March 2004. According to the court Russia has violated the right to life in all cases as the men never have been found alive after their disappearances.

Russia is also convicted of violating Article 2 and 5 in the declaration of human rights since they have not investigated the crimes effectively and the relatives of the disappeared men have been held captivated. The court also decides that the plaintives have been treated inhumanly and degrading and that they have not had access to effective means of justice.

According to the verdicts, the plaintives are awarded in total 549 700 Euro for material and non material damages.

One of the cases, Alaudinova versus Russia, has been run by the Swedish Helsinki Committee in collaboration with the human rights organisation Memorial and European Human Rights Advocacy Centre. Three cases have been run by the Russian human rights organisation Russian Justice Initiative in collaboration with the Swedish Helsinki Committee and one case has been run by a lawyer in Chechnya.

For more information about the cases:

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