Independent radio station accredited in Belarus

European Radio for Belarus (ERB), an independent radio station and a partner of Civil Rights Defenders, has been officially accredited in Belarus.

-We welcome the accreditation of European Radio for Belarus. We hope this will mark a breach in the Belarusian authorities policy of clamping down on independent media and that they will take further steps towards ensuring freedom of expression in Belarus, said Robert Hårdh, Executive Director at Civil Rights Defenders.
Non-accreditation of journalists working for foreign media is a major problem identified in the Belarus Media Mission report, recently published by a group of international press freedom and media organisations, among them Civil Rights Defenders.

ERB is a Belarusian radio station based in Poland that transmits into Belarus from abroad. Accreditation is mandatory for journalists working for foreign media according to Belarusian law and those that have until now been reporting for ERB from inside of Belarus until now have taken great risks. The details of the conditions for ERB’s work are still to be decided, for example it is still unknown how many correspondents the radio will be able to accredit in Belarus.

For Free and Fair Media in Belarus – Mission Report

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