Moldovan court defends right to information

On November 11, the Supreme Court of Moldova decided in favour of Civil Rights Defenders’ partner organisation Independent Journalism Centre in a case concerning access to information. The court obliges the Moldovan Main Tax Inspectorate to disclose tax information to the Moldovan media organisation Association of Independent Press.

In January 2009, Association of Independent Press submitted three requests on access to information on tax and duty areas. The tax authorities denied them this information. This court decision sets out the right of media to learn about, and make public, the information on tax violations. It is the second positively solved Supreme Court case of Independent Journalism Centre concerning access to information.

Civil Rights Defenders has worked with Independent Journalism Centre since 2007 in order to improve the protection of media and to improve the media situation in Moldova. Offering free legal aid is one of the activities conducted for this purpose. The decisions enhance the access to information held by authorities as they force the authorities to disclose information to the public.

The Soviet heritage has been particularly visible in the authorities’ reluctance to ensure the right to information. A positive trend has been visible during the last few years in Moldovan courts, which to a greater extent defend the public’s right to information. The judgments obtained in the project contribute to the case-law and are important precedents to similar cases.

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