LGBT Conference with focus on equality

In 2009 Civil Rights Defenders and Regional Centre for Minorities arranged the first LGBT conference “Justice in Balkans: Equality for sexual minorities” in Podgorica, Montenegro. It provoked a fierce discussion and for the first time brought the LGBT matter into the public debate.

Our collaboration continues with further strengthening the position of the LGBT communities in the Western Balkan region. We empower activists to promote human rights and non-discrimination in the matter of sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual rights and freedoms. This is done by giving the activist an overview of different examples and solutions on how to achieve a positive change in their societies and by giving them the possibility to meet and exchange experiences with activists from outside of the Western Balkans.

During the conference, this year held in Belgrade, the activists had the opportunity to meet duty holders and directly lobby for their causes. The conference also included discussions on European Law, LGBT Rights and European Integration, LGBT persons position in the Balkans and International human rights law and Yogyakarta Principles.

Together with Regional Centre for Minorities we also work to strengthen the rights of the Roma community in Serbia and raise awairness about the situation for this group in the Western Balkan region.

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