Success for the Gay Straight Alliance

2009 was an important year for the LGBT movement in Serbia. For the first time cooperation between LGBT organisations and other human rights organisations was established to integrate LGBT issues in all human rights work, Civil Rights Defenders partner, Gay Straight Alliance, says in its Annual Report.

In 2009, Serbia had a public debate on LGBT issues for the first time and a number of public figures, including the Serbian government, expressed their thoughts on the rights of LGBT people. The Serbian media has started to report more frequently on issues related to LGBT rights, but at the same time it still gives room for hate speech and the reporting is not impartial.

The cancellation of the Pride festival in Belgrade last year shows that there is much more to be done to strengthen LGBT peoples’ rights in Serbia. LGBT people are constantly exposed to discrimination and there is a lack of political will to change peoples’ attitudes towards LGBT rights.

Read the report from the Gay Straight Alliance

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