Campaign against homophobia

Within our collaboration with the Albanian organisation Aleanca we are presenting a campaign against homophobia. As a first step we have produced a video clip to highlight the wide spread discrimination, that will be followed by several events connected to the International Day against Homophobia on May 17.

“This video is part of a larger awareness raising campaign in Albania. It aims at enhancing equality and non-discrimination and at the same time empower the LGBT community, through a set of communication and advocacy actions”, said Vasilika Laçi, Program Officer at Civil Rights Defenders, based in Tirana.

The video will be disseminated through social media and on different websites. The idea is to spread the video among civil society organisations, media and others to highlight the issue of discrimination in Albania.

A number of activities and events will also be organised around May 17, which is the International Day against Homophobia. Achievements.
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