A stepping stone towards Free Speech in Transnistria

In cooperation with our partner, the Informational Legal Centre ‘A-Priori,’ Civil Rights Defenders supported a week long public event dedicated to empowering freedom of speech held in Tiraspol, Transnistria.

In a region where freedom of speech is clamped down on, by the authorities, one of the highlights of the event included a panel of journalists and media experts sharing their thoughts on what it means to be a journalist in Transnistria.

“In places like Transnistria, where free speech is heavily suppressed, it is the public’s responsibility to demand that the authorities respect this most fundamental of freedoms,” says Bobbie Traut, Programme Manager for Civil Rights Defenders in Moldova.

The week-long event hosted in June featured a photography exhibition capturing key turning points in world history, followed by a public discussion on current events.

A documentary photographer and filmmaker from Moscow, Sergei Carpov, also presented on how multimedia can be used as a powerful resource to raise public awareness of problems and issues in society and can be a trigger for change.

“Civil Rights Defenders and A-Priori’s activities focus on bringing people together to exercise their right to expression in an open forum and safe space, where discussion and debate can flow freely. I believe such activities can encourage and motivate the public to be more aware and vocal on important sociopolitical issues,” says Bobbie Traut

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