Seminar on Ethiopia – The State of Human Rights and the Impending Political Crisis

Photo of the infamous Kality Prison in Ethiopia. Courtesy of Martin Schibbye.

Photo of the infamous Kilinto Prison Complex in Ethiopia. Courtesy of Martin Schibbye.

Civil Rights Defenders and Blank Spot Project will jointly organise a breakfast seminar on the human rights situation in Ethiopia. We are delighted to welcome prominent Ethiopian journalist, Tesfalem Waldeyer, who was recently released from the infamous Kilinto prison in Ethiopia. Tesfalem, who was imprisoned with the Zone 9 Bloggers, will discuss the state of human rights and the ongoing political crisis in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia has registered economic growth for several years now. It has become the poster-child for its effectiveness in the use of international aid and development even though the country is under authoritarian rule. The country is hailed as a key partner in the “war against terrorism” in the troubled East & Horn of Africa region. International partners such as Sweden, US, and EU, have continued to pour billions of dollars into the Ethiopian government coffers despite its dismal record in human rights and democratisation. In 2016 the government of Sweden, doubled its budget for bilateral cooperation while hundreds of peaceful demonstrators were killed, and thousands more thrown into prison.

The country has been engulfed in nationwide public protests since November 2015. The two biggest ethnic groups, the Oromos and Amharas, are protesting over rampant human rights violations, absence of rule of law, and increasing marginalisation from political participation and lack of economic benefits. Ethnic tension is on the rise. The government response has been violent crackdowns that have resulted in the death of hundreds and the incarceration of many political activists and protesters.

Journalist Tefalem Waldeyes will share his assessment of the situation in Ethiopia.

Date: October 6
Time: 09:00am
Venue: Blank Spot Projects’ office, Wallingatan 37, Stockholm
Language: English
Confirmation of Attendance: please email


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