Attached are reports and alternative reports written to different UN Committees. The reports have been compiled by Civil Rights Defenders, or in collaboration with our partners, and cover pertinent human rights issues concerning human rights and human rights defenders in the regions we operate.

Multi-Front War Against Human Rights Organisations in Russia

Igor Kalyapin, leader of Joint Mobile Group, attacked with green coloured liquid in Chechnya’s main city Grozny in March 2016. Read more on page 16 in the report. Photo: Anastasiya Moskvychova RFE/RL

Today, Civil Rights Defenders launches the report “Never Give Up: Russian Human Rights Defenders Keep Swimming under the Ice” which highlights the situation for human rights defenders in Russia. The situation for human rights organisations in the country is becoming increasingly difficult. The Russian regime, led by President Vladimir Putin, has introduced a number of laws that, among other things, prevent foreign funders from donating money to civil society.

REPORT: Spotlight on Belarus – On the Ground During the Protests

Belarus protests 1

On the weekend of March 25 – 26, a wave of peaceful protests took place across Belarus. The nationwide demonstrations stem from the introduction of the widely unpopular Presidential Decree on the “Prevention of Social Dependence” that penalises several categories of unemployed persons through the levying of taxes. The protests has seen hundreds of journalists, civil society activists and political dissidents arrested and detained. Civil Rights Defenders was on the ground to monitor the crackdown.

Dictatorship No More? EU Sanctions Lifted at the Expense of Civil and Political Rights in Belarus

Report 480x270

One year ago, the EU lifted sanctions against Belarus. The sanctions were imposed in response to human rights violations perpetrated by the Belarusian regime, but were lifted without any improvements to the human rights situation. On the one year anniversary of EU’s, Civil Rights Defenders releases a report entitled: Dictatorship No More? EU Sanctions Lifted at the Expense of Civil and Political Rights in Belarus.

Uganda: Weak Cyber Laws Fail to Protect Internet Freedoms and Privacy


In a new report, Civil Rights Defenders and the Ugandan NGO Unwanted Witness provide a joint analysis on cyber laws in Uganda and their failure to protect online freedoms and the right to privacy. The analysis is an assessment of Ugandan cyber laws from a human rights perspective that reflects on the compatibility of the provisions with Uganda’s own 1995 Constitution and International Human Rights Standards.

Report on Freedom of Expression in Russia


In this briefing paper, Civil Rights Defenders gives an overview of the state of freedom of expression in Russia. It describes how human rights defenders who rendered support to journalists, bloggers and other civil society actors have become the epicentre of the authorities’ unabated crackdown on human rights. Since Vladimir Putin returned to the Kremlin in May 2012 the human rights situation in Russia has worsened significantly.

(Svenska) FN kritiserar Sverige i rapport om mänskliga rättigheter

UN office Geneva 3

(Svenska) Idag överlämnade FN:s människorättskommitté en rapport om hur Sverige lever upp till FN:s konvention om medborgerliga och politiska rättigheter. FN kritiserar regeringen på en rad områden och för fram långtgående krav på åtgärder. Kommittén ser bland annat med oro på behandlingen av romer i Sverige och noterar att romska utsatta EU-medborgare i hög grad förvägras sina rättigheter.

The UN Examination of Sweden – Read Civil Rights Defenders Shadow Report

UN office Geneva 3

On the 9th and 10th of March, Sweden will be examined by the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva – the body that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Last year, the Swedish government submitted their official report to the UN, explaining their views on the human rights situation in Sweden. Civil Rights Defenders recently forwarded an extensive alternative report to the Human Rights Committee to counteract the official depiction.

Sweden Must Respect Vulnerable EU Citizens’ Rights


By the end of 2015, Civil rights Defenders released a report on vulnerable EU citizens’ rights in Sweden. The report covers the right to social assistance, health care, education, protection against hate crime and the right not to be subjected to arbitrary evictions. “A serious discussion on Sweden’s obligations to protect vulnerable EU citizens’ rights has been lacking in the debate”, said Robert Hårdh, Executive Director of Civil Rights Defenders.

Structural racism and hate crimes still a big problem in Sweden

Alternative report CERD

A hearing was held with the Swedish government in the UN Racial Discrimination Committee due to previous criticism from the committee. Civil Rights Defenders, along with Swedish United Nations Association, and nearly fifty other organizations presented a parallel report to the UN Racial Discrimination Committee. The report shows that structural racism, discrimination and hate crimes still are serious problems in Sweden.

New report: Long road to press freedom ahead

Cover report Press Freedom Serbia

Only 4 of the European Council’s 27 principles for press freedom have been fully implemented in Serbia, the first comprehensive report on the media situation in the country: Serbian Media Scene VS European Standards, suggests. Free press is a cornerstone for democratic development; in this report the challenges lying ahead of the Serbian media scene become evident. This report is a result of a yearlong cooperation between Civil Rights Defenders and local partners.