Our work in Sweden and the world 2014

Annual Report 2014For 33 years we have championed human rights and the people who put themselves at great risk to defend it. The work we do is based on the needs at a local level, knowledge of the countries in which we operate and is in accordance with international laws. And because the needs always outweigh available resources, we aim to be efficient and goal oriented.

As the wars came to a close in the former Yugoslavia, Civil Rights Defenders identified certain groups, which included lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (LGBT) and the Roma people as particularly vulnerable groups. Members of these groups have been largely invisible in society, subjected to systematic discrimination and often without strong support within the civil society.

We lead the long-term efforts together with the local leaders of these groups in order to bring about sustainable change. We have drawn up proposals for comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation that has been introduced in nearly all the countries in the Western Balkans. For many years we have worked strategically to empower the leaders of groups at risk, we have initiated and developed LGBT organisations and we have made sure to get other human rights organisations to recognise and promote the rights of these groups. Over the years, Civil Rights Defenders has become one of the foremost human rights organisations when it comes to work for LGBT rights. Equipped with our understanding of the vulnerability the Roma and our extensive experience working for their rights, particularly in the Balkans, we have initiated a lawsuit against the Swedish government with regard to the illegal register of thousands of Roma that was unveiled in 2013.

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