Our work in Sweden and the world 2013

CRD_annualreport_2013_fvCivil Rights Defenders goal in 2013 was to strengthen our position as a global human rights organisation. We have achieved that goal with a great margin!

We are now expanding our activities to Latin America and West Africa and have strengthened our independence with several new and powerful sources of funding.

We launched the unique Natalia Project, the world’s first personal assault alarm for human rights defenders in April 2013. In addition, we established a new annual tradition – the global human rights conference Defenders’ Days, at which we also presented our newly created Civil Rights Defender of the Year Award to Natasa Kandic from Serbia. The conference in Stockholm brought together 180 participants, including several of the world’s most at-risk human rights defenders, from over 20 countries. The main aim was to strengthen the participants and their organisations by providing opportunities to exchange experiences and by offering training and education in areas such as digital and physical safety. The catchwords of the conference were “educate, inspire, look forward.”

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